It's Time

Arizona has made great progress since the formation of our Bioscience Cluster in 1997 and the launch of the Arizona Bioscience Roadmap in 2002.

By conservative estimates, over $19 billion has been invested in the bioscience and healthcare sector by public and private sources over the last two decades. We have built up our research enterprise, are launching exciting companies, and are educating the next generation of bioscience leaders. Yet, one major hurdle still must be crossed. Lack of access to early stage life science capital has plagued Arizona for two decades. It’s time to stop talking about the problem and solve it.

The Arizona component of the Healthcare Impact Foundation (AZ-HCIF) is designed to provide sustainable funding to support the progression of Arizona-based life science discoveries along a path from development to delivery.

A Lasting Solution

AZ-HCIF is the first in a portfolio of endowments from across the U.S. and around the world that will be collectively grown and managed by the Healthcare Impact Foundation (HCIF).

AZ-HCIF is designed to provide a  perpetual  stream of funding for ARIZONA life science innovations and the ecosystem that supports our life science innovators.

AZ-HCIF investments into our community will be directed by the AZ-HCIF Trustees each year to the projects and life science companies with the greatest potential for lasting impact.

As an evergreen endowment, AZ-HCIF  will have the ability to support direct expenditure grants to the non-profit entities that support the innovation process and direct investments into emerging life science companies so that they can move forward faster on the journey from the research laboratory to the patient.


Innovation & Impact

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You can make an impact.  Help us reach our goal of $250 Million donated to Arizona's account within the Healthcare IMPACT Foundation by December 31, 2019.  This includes a $200 Million evergreen endowment to support sustained innovation across Arizona's healthcare sector on an ongoing basis and a $50 Million Direct Impact fund that can be applied to opportunities that are beyond the scope of a 5% annual distribution model.

The Healthcare IMPACT Foundation is a 501c3 public charity.  EIN#82-3038867