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Our Approach

Arizona  life science companies are discovering, developing and delivering new products and services that will help to keep us healthy and help our physicians care for us when we need it.

Today, Arizona lacks sufficient funding to support these companies and to keep them growing here in our state.

The Arizona endowment within the Healthcare Impact Foundation (AZ-HCIF) has been specifically designed to address this need.

Our Story

Arizona's Bioscience Roadmap has been the guide for our community as it has grown to become one of the top emerging bioscience states.  We have made significant progress in every area except one - access to early stage capital.

The concept of AZ-HCIF was developed by Arizona leaders specifically to fill this gap with with support from the Healthcare Impact Foundation (HCIF), the Stetson Family Office, and J.P.Morgan Private Bank.

The origins for HCIF were mapped out at a dining room table in Phoenix Arizona.  The strategy was developed with help from leaders from across the country, and it is now gaining traction in communities in the U.S. and around the world.

While HCIF is global in scope, the decisions on how the distributions for Arizona's endowment are distributed will always be made by AZ-HCIF's local board of trustees.

AZ-HCIF Trustees

Additional trustees will be added in consultation with AZ-HCIF's major donors as  we move toward achieving our goal of receiving  $250 Million for the AZ-HCIF endowment on or before the end of 2019.

russ yelton

Russ Yelton

AZ-HCIF Chairman


Joan Koerber-Walker

HCIF Global Trustee

AZ-HCIF Trustee

President & CEO, AZBio

Executive Portraits for AZ Bio

Eugene Durenard, PhD

HCIF Global Trustee

HCIF Investment Committee

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There are many ways that you can help Arizona achieve this goal.

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