Why Donate?

Access to early stage investment dollars and follow up investment rounds have been a challenge for Arizona's growing life science industry since the creation of the Arizona Bioscience Cluster in 1997.

AZ-HCIF, a separate  philanthropic endowment account managed within the Healthcare Impact Foundation, is part of a multi-pronged strategy to address this issue by establishing a vehicle for ongoing and sustained investments that will help Arizona life since innovators grow great companies and discover, develop, and deliver life saving and life changing innovations that will benefit Arizonans today and for generations to come.

Achieving our  goal requires a community effort.

Arizona's "collaborative gene" will play a major role in the success AZ-HCIF.  It will take a a combination of time, treasury and talent from a growing team of volunteers and donors to achieve the goal of building a $250 million endowment for AZ-HCIF by the end of 2019

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Healthcare Impact Foundation (“HCIF”) was formed in 2017 as a 501c3 public charity and is dedicated to building a better private equity ecosystem for healthcare innovations and supporting the commercialization of healthcare innovations as they progress from the research laboratory to the patient. Structured as a  portfolio of endowments, each HCIF separate account is dedicated to the community that creates it and is managed with a goal of growing the base endowment and distributing a steady and sustained stream of funding annually that can be distributed by the community's trustees into the areas of its life science ecosystem in a way that will have the greatest potential impact.


The Healthcare Impact Foundation (HCIF) is incorporated  in the State of Delaware as a Delaware  Nonstock Nonprofit Corporation organized under the Delaware Corporation Law.

The Healthcare Impact Foundation was granted IRS Section 501c3  public charity status on December 13, 2017.   EIN#82-3038867.

Please consult your tax advisor with questions about how your donation applies to your personal tax situation.