The Arizona component of the Healthcare Impact Foundation (AZ-HCIF) is designed to provide sustainable funding to support the progression of Arizona-based life science discoveries along a path from development to delivery.

AZ-HCIF is the first in a portfolio of endowments from across the U.S. and around the world that will be collectively grown and managed by the Healthcare Impact Foundation (HCIF).

HCIF's  model of  evergreen endowments is designed to create a growing capital resource that allows communities to invest in their life science ecosystem and to support the commercialization of healthcare innovations that are generated there as they progress from the research laboratory to the patient.


It's an innovative solution to address a challenge that we have previously been unable to solve and if we work together, as we have in the past, we can achieve the goal of $200 Million in donations to HCIF for Arizona in 2018.

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Arizona's Bioscience Cluster.  AZBio partnered with AZ Business Magazine to celebrate this milestone with a 32 page special supplement that tells Arizna's story and  highlights our  innovators and leaders.

Read about the Arizona Bioscience Cluster's first 20 years.

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We have come a long way.  But it is just the first step in the journey. Arizona has the potential to become a top tier bioscience state. To successfully navigate the journey, we need to use our talents and our abilities to create a new innovative model of  stable and sustainable funding that can provide the resources needed to move our discoveries  out of the lab and into the development process so that they can make life better for people in Arizona and around the world


The opportunity to create new ways to prevent, treat, and cure disease is greater now than it has ever been thanks to the work of researchers around the world. At a time when the world population is both growing and aging, these life saving and life changing future innovations have the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of patients and their families as well as to address the growing cost of healthcare that is a direct result of a growing and aging population.


The developer's journey from discovery to development to delivery is one with many challenges including implementation risk, regulatory risk and business risk.

Successfully navigating the journey and bringing the innovations to market requires a talented and experienced team, facilities and equipment, resources to structure and execute the development, testing, clinical trials, manufacturing and  regulatory  processes. At each stage, risk capital is essential.  Today, at the earliest stages, where the risk profile is the greatest, we face a global funding gap in the phases of proof of concept and early stage investment.


The combined investments of governments, industry, and philanthropy funds this research.  Healthcare entrepreneurs then take the next steps in the journey, as  discoveries are developed into products and services that take what we have learned through research and apply it to real life challenges faced by patients and families with a goal of making life better.


Healthcare Impact Foundation (“HCIF”) is dedicated to building a better healthcare private equity ecosystem for getting the best of the best healthcare ideas from the research laboratory to commercialization and then to the general public by:

  • Building sustainable endowment financing streams for life science accelerators that are providing better risk-mitigation mechanisms to attract angel, venture and family office private equity capital to life sciences.
  • Fostering collaboration among centers of life science innovation.
  • Working with single family offices to optimize their philanthropy in healthcare and holding non-solicitation conferences for family offices.


--- Chuck Stetson is head of the Stetson Family Office, a third and fourth generation family office in New York, and serves as Chairman of the Healthcare Impact Foundation.

As a 501c3 public charity, HCIF aggregates and invests philanthropic endowments for   a portfolio of separate accounts designated to support regional or disease focused healthcare innovation projects.  Each year, a percentage of the  investment proceeds from each account are distributed to its community as determined by a local board of trustees to the areas that show the greatest potential for impact based on the defined goals of that community.  Designed as an evergreen structure, when these projects yield returns, they go back to their separate account, helping it to grow larger.

“The Stetson Family Office has spent the last 18 months meeting with emerging healthcare innovation ecosystems around the US and globally. We found that while great ideas with high impact potential were coming from emerging life science markets like Arizona, the capital streams and support ecosystems are insufficient to support efficient growth of the companies.  Too much time is wasted chasing funding.  This time needs to be focused on getting high quality healthcare innovations further along the path to commercialization so that traditional venture capital and public equity funding can take it the rest of the way.   We were honored to work with our partners here in Arizona to develop a new and sustainable funding model to address this critical need.”